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Month: April 2018

First Burn – Hamilton

When I heard this today, I had to stop everything I was doing and post it here for all our ShowMOMs to hear! Everything about this is amazing! What is better than Eliza in Hamilton? How about 5 Elizas!!! First Burn will give you goosebumps! First Burn is the first rendition of Burn that Lin-Manuel […] Read more…


Creating the Perfect Broadway Promposal

It is prom season and I’m always amazed by the creative promposals that I see on social media. But when I see BROADWAY Promposals my respect goes to a new level! So I compiled a list of my favorite broadway promposals. If you have one to add, send it to us! I would love to […] Read more…


ShowMOM vs Stage Mom

No one likes a Stage Mom. The ladies that are only looking out for themselves and their kid. Surround yourself with a tribe of ShowMOMs and conquer the theatre world together! Watch this video and tell me if you know an “Ali”.   Read more…


Your Show Is Over. Now What?

  You spend 4-6 months in rehearsal for more hours than you can count. You anxiously moved into the theatre, and underwent the struggle that is tech week. You decorated your makeup station with show mementos and had dance parties with your dressing roommates. You attended the opening night party, and celebrated with the cast. […] Read more…


So You Are A New Theatre Mom

I know exactly how you are feeling! Your little munchkin (or maybe not so little munchkin) has decided musical theatre is LIFE! And you are about to become a first time Theatre Mom! Congratulations! And get ready for an experience of a lifetime! I don’t know about you, but when my daughter started to show […] Read more…