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Month: May 2018

5 Steps to Audition Prep

While auditioning plays a key part in a successful career, audition prep is equally as important. Now that we have covered the 5 worst audition mistakes, let’s talk about what you can do before an audition! Everyone has their own way of mentally and physically preparing for an audition, but here are some basic steps […] Read more…


Ultimate Blogging Bundle for Performers!

I have been a blogger for years! So it is a natural evolution for me to create a blog for my performing artist as well! While most of you may not have a blog (don’t worry, I will offer a class in the very near future that will teach you how to get started!), some […] Read more…


2018 Tony Award Nominations

It is the 2018 Tony Award Nominations Day!!! Did any of your favorites make the list? With so many plays opening in NYC this year, the musical category was left with a smaller selection. And with no major stand out like the last 2 years (Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton), many were wondering how exciting […] Read more…