Alexandria Orr

Hello all!

My name is Alexandria, and I am very excited to be the adolescent voice of calm within the wild and ecstatic world of the stage, for those seeking guidance and/or advice through this blog.

I am a huge advocate for Musical Theatre and the training it involves. I have been vocally training for eight years, I’ve had nearly a year of professional acting training, and at least a year in most types of dance. But I have only been stage acting for 5 years. As a sophomore in high school, I am actively working to get ready for my college pre-screens and auditions. I have an amazing group of mentors and teachers who are helping me. Many of them will be featured on this page as a contributors and on our Facebook and Youtube shows.

At first when I was approached with the idea to be a fellow contributor to the website I was skeptical, due to the fact that I am mid way through the school year with homework and I really like my late night Netflix binges. But after thinking about it more, I realized that about five years ago I would have done just about anything to have had a blog like this to read and answer all of my theatre kid questions that my parents wouldn’t know the answers to.

Plus, I really like writing.

So without further ado, I really hope you enjoy the blog and that you will find the answers you are looking for. If not, reach out to us anytime with questions! You never know, you might even get featured on our page!

Also, feel free to follow me on my professional social media accounts to follow my personal performance journey!
Instagram: @thealexandriaorr

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Alexandria Orr