I’m going to pretend like the photo on the left is me, because she is cute, likely wears jeans that are 6 sizes smaller than mine and appears to have it all together.

I on the other hand am a work at home mama to 3 kids, ages 12, 14 and 16. If you are doing the math, that was 3 babies in 4 years! Each one of those kiddos has a passion that takes up a LOT of gas, time and money. And I wouldn’t change it for a minute!

I suppose I should have a blog for each of them, but I am only one person after all (I clearly don’t have it all together, like the lady to my left). And I thought I would start with my oldest and her passion and simply work my way down.

My oldest is Alex, 16 years old, a fantastic teenager (yes there is such a thing) and lover of EVERYTHING that has to do with musical theatre.

I will never forget the day in second grade when her guitar teacher walked her out to me after class and said “your daughter has a really great voice!” I literally turned around to see which parent he was talking to. And then he said, “I’m talking to you, Alex has a natural talent and can match pitch perfectly.” Now, I’m sure he meant she can match pitch perfectly for a 7 year old, but hey it was something that had never even crossed my mind. My background is in dance, journalism and public relations. When I was cast in shows, it was to dance NOT to sing. I was the girl in the ensemble that did not get the privilege of getting mic’d.

So this world of voice lessons and acting left me completely stumped. I knew I could train her in dance with my eyes closed (something she refused to let me do and didn’t actually start dancing until recently). But where was I suppose to start when it came to choosing a voice teacher, looking for acting opportunities? I had NO clue.

So I started to ask the few moms I knew that were in the theatre world. And guess what they told me? Absolutely NOTHING. I’m not kidding. They got that horrified look on their face like I was about to steal a job from their kid. Listen lady, if you are reading this, we just wanted a few voice lessons. I wasn’t going to try and pay someone off to give my kid a role over yours.

It took us YEARS of trial and error to find the right tribe of people to surround Alex with. And let me tell you, WE HAVE FOUND THEM! We are very lucky to live in a town that is full of professionals and opportunity. But we are even luckier that those same people have a heart of gold, a gift for mentorship and truly want what is best for my child and yours.

I realized recently that all these connections, experiences and information was just floating around in my head. And I didn’t want to be that stage mom that refused to share with other moms who could really use some direction. And so The Greatest ShowMOM was born!

Within this blog and on our social media channels, you will meet some of the most amazing people! Our goal is to interview as many of them as possible. Teachers, directors, moms, students! Anyone that has info to share about musical theatre will be brought on and interviewed. I want this to be a one stop resource for parents and students who dream of a life in musical theatre at any level. Please share this blog and all our social media pages with your friends. Let’s work together to make this something really great!