Social Media for Musical Theatre Kids

Social media is a part of every day life. So what does that mean your your theater kid as they audition for bigger shows and even college programs? Does your Theatre Kid need social media to succeed? The answer may surprise you!

We are beginning to see the early stages of community theatre asking for social media accounts and following. College programs are likely close behind. Broadway is already there. Why? Because they want to find out if this kid can get people into the seats to see the show based on their online following! It is smart marketing when you really stop and look at it. Could it be that we will see a time where casting a roll with two equally talented kids will come down to the bigger social media following? It is VERY possible.

But do not fear! I’m here to help! This is where my expertise kicks in!

The goal of The Greatest ShowMOM is to bring in experts from every realm of this industry. Voice, Acting, Dance, etc. Social Media just happens to be my area of expertise and I am so excited to share some tips with the parents who feel completely lost in social media land.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share a BLOG SERIES that will take you through some of the basic steps of creating a brand and a social media presence for your theater kid or performer (go ahead, share this with the dance moms too! Everyone is welcome!)

From there, I will offer a series on online classes where I will teach you specifically how to:
1. Create a brand around your child
2. Set up the relevant social media accounts with step by step video and instructions
3. How to create graphics to further brand those accounts
4. What, when and how to share on each social media channel
5. Determining if you need a blog or website And more!

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Don’t forget to post your questions here or on social media too so I can answer them in one of my posts!

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