Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission on a few of the links to fund my daughter’s musical theatre obsession. Funds are mostly used on things that disappear into the dressing room abyss like bobby pins, wig caps and lashes. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll be happy knowing my daughter tends to share bobby pins, wig caps and lashes with other people in her shows. So it is a win/win for everyone really. 



The holidays are almost here and if you are like me, I have no idea what to buy for my theatre kid! So I did an expansive search of the internet combined with some of the favorite things my daughter already uses and came up with our Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Your Theatre Kid! And I think you (and your theatre kid) are going to LOVE them!

1. Broadway Themed Funko Pops! 
Could these be any cuter?! You can find Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and even Waitress in Funko Pops form!
Check out this amazing shop featuring these figures and more!


2. Broadway Playbill Musical Theatre Blanket!

My theatre kid is forever wrapped up in some kind of blanket in between rehearsals, classes, lessons, etc. I call it her cacoon. So when you combine a blanket with broadway playbills, I’m pretty sure this would be her version of the best blanket EVER!

Although there are several versions on Etsy, this seller has great feedback! 


3. Broadway Laptop or Hydro Stickers!
Vinyl stickers for your teen’s laptop or Hydro flask are all the rage. But when you have a musical theatre kid, Broadway stickers are on a whole other level! Check out these amazing laptop stickers on Etsy! Some are small enough to double as Hydro stickers as well!

Here is another shop that I love! Their options are more limited right now, but you can always contact them with a request.


4. The Ultimate Makeup Case!
Let’s face it, makeup is part of musical theatre and often times it is not cheap! Which is why it is so important to take care of your investment! A great makeup case makes life so much easier when you are traveling back and forth to the theatre.

Often times, mirror and counter space in the dressing room is at a premium. So a lighted makeup case with a good mirror is ideal! This is our fav and works in tight spaces! 

Need something smaller? This is also a great option! 


5. Playbill Binder
If your theatre kid is anything like mine, they have a HUGE collection of Playbills. Often times they are pinned to a bulletin board, thrown into a collection box or being obsessed over on their dresser. Here is a better way to keep them preserved while still being able to pull them out for inspiration at any time.

Get your Playbill Binder here! 


6. Makeup Palette
Back to the makeup! Sometimes you just need a REALLY great palette that will work for any show or performance. This is our “go-to” because of price, pigment and the amazing variety of colors!!


7. FAVORITE Stage Eyelashes! 
Eyelashes are NOT cheap when you are running to the drug store to buy one pair after another. Plus, you want a pair that will pop on stage and will also allow you to wear them more than once. After testing out MANY brands and styles, my daughter has settled on the #43 by Christina lashes. We order them in packs of 12 which takes them down to just over $1 per pair! Good luck finding nice lashes in that price range at the drug store. Load up and fill your theatre kid’s stocking for Christmas!

And don’t forget the glue! Here is our FAVORITE lash glue as well. No waiting for it to get tacky. Just paint it on and apply.


8. Broadway Board Game!
So often when you are at rehearsals or even in a show, it is a lot of “hurry up and wait”. So give your theatre kid this awesomely fun board game to play with their theatre friends! Start out at acting school, buy headshots, get your equity card, and more! Order this game HERE!


9. Musical Theatre Pop Sockets
Pop sockets are almost as popular as smartphones themselves! And if you are a busy theatre kid, running around rehearsals, chances are you are hanging onto your phone thanks to a pop socket. So why not get your theatre kid a pop socket that speaks to them? Here are a few of our favorites!

I Randomly Break Out In Show Tunes Pop Socket

I Love Theatre Pop Socket

Theatre Girl Pop Socket


10. Broadway Musical Books! Behind the Scenes!
We have a collection of these books forming in our household. And yet, new requests make it on the list every year. These books are more than just music and lyrics, they take you on a behind the scenes look at how the show was developed and brought to life. Pick a few of your theatre kid’s favorites and wrap them up! I promise they will be jumping for joy when they open it!

Dear Evan Hansen: Through the Window

Hamilton: The Revolution

Wicked: The Grimmerie, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Hit Broadway Musical


This list could go on and on and on! We truly could have done a Top 100 list. Maybe next year! In the mean time, drop some of your favorite links in the comments for musical theatre gifts that are at the top of you (or your kiddos) list!




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