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Seeing Hamilton for a second time was just as exciting and electrifying as the first! We laughed, we cried, we fan girl’d (yes, a mom can fan girl). And then we headed for the stage door. Or I should say, Alex headed for the stage door while I stood back to take pictures of her beaming face as she met each cast member and asked them to sign her playbill. This is where we were left for a moment with our mouths hanging slightly open and exchanging, “did that just happen” looks.

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Alex had the amazing idea to ask each cast member if they had a “go to” audition song. She thought it would be great to share the responses with all of you! To help other theatre kids think outside the box for audition song ideas. She got some AMAZING answers (make sure you follow us on Instagram to see the video clips from each of them!). A few didn’t have a go to audition song, and others didn’t share their song, but shared great tips. Another said he had just started singing (say what now?!) and didn’t really know what to say. We wanted to pull him aside for a dedicated interview!

AND THEN…….one of the stars came along. Someone we both thought was amazing in the show. Alex asked her the question. The response was a dead pan look in the face, then a chuckle and her response…….”Yes………and you should too!” (insert snotty tone). Needle scratch. Say what now? She went on to give a few other remarks that could only be taken as slightly rude then turned it back on Alex. She asked her, well what is your audition song (again, insert slightly rude tone). Alex being a little taken aback, said she didn’t really have one to which the “star” responded, WELL, you need to get one! And then moved on down the line. End of conversation.

There was a nice gentleman standing next to us that was a high school government teacher. He was there to get his poster signed so the kids in his government class would catch the Hamilton excitement and hopefully pay attention in class. He looked at me and gave me a bug eyed expression as if to say, did she really just treat your daughter like that?!!

Now, I don’t want you to think her attitude after the show by any means overshadowed how amazing the show was. Or how funny and lovely the other cast members were to Alex as she interviewed them. Alex will be writing a post later comparing the San Francisco tour to the Las Vegas tour of Hamilton with all the fun theatre notes. The overall experience was mind blowing and one we will never forget.
Hamilton Lafatette Kyle Scatliffe

I’m just here to remind the kids that might be reading this, to always be mindful of your delivery to people. Whether you are on stage in your school gym, the community theatre or a national tour of Hamilton, people are looking up to you. They are in awe of your talent and courage to perform and share your art. Remember to always be kind and gracious. Encourage and be helpful. It will come back to you.

If you need a look at how to act around your fans, maybe take a note from Christy Altomare, possibly the nicest person on Broadway, and lead (Anya) in Anastasia. You will want to just squeeze her after you watch her with this little fan! Watch until the end when she gives him amazing encouragement.

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