Let’s get one thing out of the way. This is not a page for “Stage Moms”, Momagers or the Theatre Moms who like to keep information to themselves to give their child that extra edge. This page is for the Greatest showMOMs, (dads too, I just couldn’t fit it all in the title). The moms who just want to see their child smile and that smile is often a result of their feet being planted firmly on any given stage. The moms who sew costumes, drive hundreds of miles a week in the name of rehearsals and wear clothing from stores that also sell food, just to make sure their theatre kid is getting the best training possible. You know who you are! And you have found your tribe!!!

Welcome to The Greatest ShowMOM!

No, I am not a Mom performing in theater, I am a Theatre MOM. Yes, the lady who drives 200 miles a week for rehearsals, classes and performances. Knows how to sew, adjust taps, braid 1700 lbs of hair to fit under a wig cap and wipes the tears when the dream role is given to someone else.

When my daughter caught the theater bug at the age of 5, I didn’t think much of it. I just thought it was adorable that she loved to put on shows for us 17 times a day. Then she began to sing in choir and then solos in church. Each opportunity to perform fed her soul. Her passion grew and so did her desire to be on stage.


I promise to turn this into a Theatre Tribe you will be proud to be a part of!

I started to ask the moms I knew who were part of the theater world what I should do with her. “Do you have a recommendation for a good vocal teacher or acting coach,” I would ask. Blank stare. Panicked look. They didn’t want to give away their secrets. The mom would reply, “oh, ummmmm, let me think about it and get back to you.”

I’m still waiting.

So I decided to start asking any and every professional I knew. Teachers, performers, dance friends that I use to train with. Slowly, I started putting the puzzle pieces together. I began to find her opportunities to train and perform. I found my tribe. An amazing group of people who happily share their knowledge and expertise. Those are the people that will be featured on this page.

The goal of this page and blog will be to share ALL the secrets with the parents and children who just don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have started, but you want more. Stick around, we have SO much to give you! I can’t wait to introduce you to the people who will light that spark in your child’s soul and continue to fan it until they reach their goals.

I promise to turn this into a Theatre Tribe you will be proud to be a part of!


The Greatest Showmom



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